Error: xml sitemap missing

What's Causing This Error

The 'xml sitemap missing' error typically appears when a search engine can't find the XML sitemap for your website. This could be due to several reasons:

  1. Non-existence: You might not have created an XML sitemap for your site yet.

  2. Incorrect Location: If you've created a sitemap, but it's not located where search engines expect (usually the root directory), they may report it as missing.

  3. Incorrect Sitemap Format: The sitemap might not be in correct XML format due to some errors or corruption.

  4. Robots.txt Blocking: Your robots.txt file could be blocking search engines from accessing the sitemap.

  5. Server Issues: There might be server-side issues preventing access to the sitemap such as 404 (Not Found), 500 (Internal Server Error), etc.

  6. URL Structure Changes: If you made changes to your URL structure and did not update your sitemap accordingly, search engines might not locate the sitemap.

Solution - Here's How To Fix It

Here are some potential solutions to resolve the 'xml sitemap missing' error:

  1. Create an XML Sitemap: If you haven't already, create an XML sitemap using a sitemap generator tool or plugin, depending on your site's platform.

  2. Relocate the Sitemap: Ensure your sitemap is in the correct location, usually the root directory of your site (e.g.,

  3. Validate Your Sitemap: Use an XML validator tool to ensure your sitemap is correctly formatted without any errors.

  4. Check Robots.txt: Confirm that your robots.txt file doesn't block search engine access to the sitemap.

  5. Fix Server Errors: If there are server issues resulting in errors like 404 or 500, work with your hosting provider or a web developer to resolve them.

  6. Update Sitemap After URL Changes: If you've made changes to your site's URL structure, update your sitemap accordingly and re-submit it to search engines.

  7. Resubmit Your Sitemap: Finally, once you've made the necessary corrections, manually resubmit your sitemap via Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster Tools.

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