Error: image alt not working

What's Causing This Error

There could be several reasons why the alt attribute (also known as "alt text") of an image isn't working.

  1. Incorrect Syntax: You might have made a syntax error while writing the alt text for the image. The correct way to include an alt tag is like this: <img src="image.jpg" alt="description of image">.

  2. Empty Alt Attribute: If the alt attribute is empty (alt=""), it tells screen readers that the image is purely decorative and that they should skip over it. This could lead to confusion if the image actually has important content.

  3. Special Characters: Using certain special characters in the alt text can potentially cause issues with how the alt text is parsed and read by browsers or screen readers.

  4. Browser Compatibility: Some older browsers might not support alt attributes effectively.

  5. CMS Issues: If you're using a Content Management System (CMS), there might be some settings or plugins interfering with the proper display of alt text.

Solution - Here's How To Fix It

Here are the potential solutions corresponding to the causes mentioned above.

  1. Correct the Syntax: Ensure that you are writing the alt text correctly. Use the format <img src="image.jpg" alt="description of image">.

  2. Fill the Alt Attribute: Don't leave the alt attribute empty unless the image is truly decorative and doesn't add additional information to the content.

  3. Avoid Special Characters: Try to avoid using special characters within your alt text, or make sure they're properly encoded if necessary.

  4. Test on Different Browsers: Check how your website and images behave on different browsers. This will help you determine if the issue is a browser compatibility problem.

  5. Check CMS Settings: If you're using a CMS, check your settings and installed plugins to ensure nothing is interfering with image alt text. You might also need to clear your site's cache.

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