Question: How often should I submit my sitemap to Google?


In general, you don't need to regularly resubmit your sitemap to Google. Once you've initially submitted your sitemap through Google Search Console, Google's web crawlers will continue to revisit and index your site based on the information in your sitemap.

However, you should resubmit your sitemap any time you make significant changes to your website, like adding, deleting or moving pages. This is because the sitemap serves as a guide for Google's bots, making it easier for them to find new pages and understand the structure of your site.

To resubmit your sitemap:

  1. Go to Google Search Console.
  2. Select your website.
  3. On the left-hand menu, click on 'Sitemaps'.
  4. Remove the old sitemap and add the new one then click 'Submit'.

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