Question: How can you add alt tags to images in Magento 2?


Alt tags, also known as alt attributes or alt descriptions, are used within an HTML code to describe the appearance and function of an image on a page. Adding alt tags in Magento 2 is straightforward. Here's how to do it:

  1. Log in to your Magento 2 Admin Panel.

  2. From the left sidebar, navigate to Catalog > Products.

  3. Choose the product where you want to add or edit the image alt tag.

  4. In the product detail page, click on the Images And Videos section.

  5. Click on the image that needs the alt tag.

  6. You will see a field named Alt Text. Enter your desired text into this field.

  7. Click on Save and then Done to save the changes.

The same process can be followed to edit existing alt text for an image.

Here's an additional tip: Your alt text should be descriptive and relevant to the image, but also succinct. Including relevant keywords can help with SEO, but avoid keyword stuffing.

Please note, if you want to add alt tags programmatically, you may need custom coding leveraging Magento's programming interfaces and methods.

// Example of adding alt tag programmatically $productImage = $this->helper('Magento\Catalog\Helper\Image'); $productImage->init($product, 'product_page_image_large') ->setImageFile($product->getFile()) ->resize($width, $height) ->setWatermarkSize('30x10') ->setWatermarkImageOpacity(70) ->setConstrainOnly(true) ->setKeepAspectRatio(true) ->setKeepFrame(false); $productImage->getAlt(); // To get alt text $productImage->setAlt('Your desired alt text'); // To set alt text

Remember that adding alt tags programmatically requires a decent understanding of Magento's code structure and should be done by experienced developers.

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