Question: How can I add alt text to an image in Markdown?


Alt text (alternative text) is an important aspect of web design that describes an image for people who may not be able to see it, such as visually impaired users or if the image fails to load. In Markdown, it's easy to add alt text to images.

Here's the syntax:

![Alt text](URL)

In this syntax:

  • The ![ ] part represents the alt text section. You should put your alt text within these brackets.
  • The (URL) part represents the URL of the image you are trying to add.

For example, if you're adding a picture of a sunset and hosting it at, with the alt text 'Beautiful Sunset', you would write:

![Beautiful Sunset](

When rendered, browsers will display the picture of the sunset, and if the image doesn't load or if the user is using a screen reader, they'll get the alt text 'Beautiful Sunset' instead.

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