Question: How can you use the img alt attribute in React?


In React, the img element and its alt attribute are used similarly to their HTML counterparts. However, due to JavaScript's syntax, the attributes (props) of JSX elements are written in camelCase rather than lowercase. So, the alt attribute remains the same, but the src attribute becomes src.

Here is an example:

import React from 'react'; function ImageComponent() { return ( <img src="url_to_image.jpg" alt="Description of image" /> ); } export default ImageComponent;

In this code snippet, ImageComponent is a functional component returning an img JSX element. The src attribute is set to the URL of the image and the alt attribute is set to a text description of the image.

The alt attribute is important for accessibility as it provides a textual alternative to an image. If the image cannot be loaded or if the user is using a screen reader due to visual impairment, the alt description will be used instead.

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