Question: How can you add alt text to an image?


Alt text (alternative text) is used within the HTML of a webpage to describe an image, especially for accessibility purposes or if the image cannot be displayed. Here's how you can add alt text to an image.

  1. In HTML:
<img src="image.jpg" alt="This is the alt text">

In this example, 'image.jpg' represents the file name of your image, and 'This is the alt text' should be replaced with the appropriate descriptive text.

  1. In WordPress:

After uploading an image in the Media Library,

  • Click on the image;
  • On the right side panel, you will find 'Alternative Text' box;
  • Write your desired Alt text in that box;
  • Click on 'Update' button.
  1. In Markdown (like GitHub README files):
![This is the alt text](image.jpg)

In this example, 'image.jpg' is the path to your image file, and 'This is the alt text' should be replaced with your description.

Remember, good alt text describes the image content in a few words and may improve your SEO as search engines use alt text to understand image content.

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