Question: How can you check dislikes in YouTube Studio?


"Checking Dislikes in YouTube Studio

As of late 2021, YouTube made a significant change to how dislikes are displayed. The platform decided to make dislike counts private, meaning that they are no longer visible to the public on any video. This decision was aimed at protecting creators from harassment and reducing dislike attacks. However, as a content creator, you still have the ability to view your video's like and dislike metrics privately through YouTube Studio.

Steps to Check Dislikes in YouTube Studio:

  1. Log in to YouTube Studio:

    • Navigate to YouTube Studio by clicking on your profile picture in the upper right corner of YouTube and selecting 'YouTube Studio'.
  2. Select 'Content' from the Left Menu:

    • Once in YouTube Studio, click on 'Content' in the left-hand menu. This will display all your videos.
  3. Choose a Video:

    • Click on the thumbnail or title of the video for which you want to see the likes and dislikes.
  4. View Analytics:

    • Inside the video details page, click on the 'Analytics' tab below the video preview.
  5. Navigate to Engagement Tab:

    • Within the Analytics section, go to the 'Engagement' tab where you'll find detailed metrics about how viewers interact with your video.
  6. Check Likes and Dislikes:

    • Under the 'Engagement' tab, you should be able to see both likes and dislikes as part of the analytics data provided.

Although the public cannot see the number of dislikes, these insights remain accessible to you so that you can gauge viewer feedback and adjust your content strategy accordingly."

Note: Depending on updates and changes YouTube may make, the process might slightly differ. Always ensure your YouTube Studio is updated to access all features.

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